On behalf of the WaveComBE Project Management Committee, we encourage to send your research advances for publication in the Special Issue in Radio Science special section “Radio Channel Modelling For 5G Millimetre Wave Communications In Built Environments” (journal paper) following the IRACON/WAVECOMBE workshop what was held in Dublin (15/01/2019).
Submission Open: 16/02/2019
Submission Deadline (extended): 15/09/2019  15 January 2020
Special Section Organizers:
  • Narcis Cardona, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
  • Katsuyuki Haneda, Aalto University
  • Vittorio Degli Sposti, Università di Bologna
Millimetre-wave frequencies have been extensively studied during the recent years as the potential candidate bands for allocating mobile access services in 5G and beyond. A future with dense deployments of mobile network nodes working at such frequency bands is foreseen, mainly for environments where demand of extreme mobile broadband connectivity is concentrated, like in the built environments, either indoors or urban outdoors. The objective of this special section is to provide a comprehensive insight of the current research on propagation aspects of mm-Wave frequencies, the various techniques for channel modelling in these bands, and the system level aspects of implementation and practical aspects, mainly on antennas and MIMO systems.
We look forward to your support, please submit your papers as soon as possible!