WaveComBE ESRs had their last ESRs meeting for the WaveComBE MSCA-ITN-EID project!
The main outcome of WaveComBE MSCA-ITN-EID project will be a group of excellent PhDs, with both technical and soft skills, that can lead future projects in the field of Telecommunications. We are proud of our ESRs!
Thanks to Wai Yan Yong (ESR1), Mohammad Poordaraee (ESR2), Alireza Bagheri (ESR3), AMAR AL-JZARI (ESR4), Othman ZAHID (ESR5), Samuel Romero (ESR6), Danaisy Prado Alvarez (ESR7), Chen Chen (ESR8), Yixin Zhang (ESR9), Chunxia Qin (ESR10), and Monika Drozdowska (ESR11) for being part of the #WaveComBE project.
#mariecurie #mmwave #research.

More information about our ESRs on https://wavecombe.eu/esrs/