During Monday 14  and Tuesday 15 of September the 1st Post-IRACON meeting took place, where some of our ESRs and professors participated together with other great experts in radio propagation and channel modeling. Specifically, Prof. Sana Salous, Durham University, as keynote speaker, discussed the progress of the WaveCombE Project.

Moreover, our ESR Monika Drozdowska presented the results of the collaboration with the ESRs Danaisy Prado Alvarez  and Amar Al-Jzari, Prof. Sana Salous from Durham University and Prof. Narcís Cardona from Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, obtained in WaveComBE project about “RMS Delay Spread prediction for IEEE 802.11ay systems planning in indoor environments ta 60 GHz band”.

More information at 👉 http://www.iracon.org/meeting/1st-post-iracon-meeting/