The WaveComBE project has organized the Special Session “Novel Antennas and Propagation Modelling for the 5G Millimeter Wave Bands” in ISAP2020.

The symposium was scheduled to take place in Osaka, Japan last year, but due to covid-19 restrictions, it has been held online during 25-28 of January 2021.

In the special session held this Wednesday 27th from 16:40 to 18:40 (JP Time), in total 4 papers have been contributed. The session was chaired by Prof. Narcis Cardona (UPV) and Prof. Sana Salous (UDUR). About 30 people attended the session, including our ESRs Alireza Bagheri and Wai Yan, who have presented with one and two papers respectively (one of the papers of Wai Yan is collaborating with a visiting student from Tohoku University). Moreover, another paper was presented from the University of Sheffield, supervised by Prof. Xiaoli Chu.

For more information please visit the ISAP website