The second WaveComBE Training School (WATS-2) took place from 3th to 6th of February in Valencia. WATS-2 was held in the meeting room of The Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) at Universidad Politècnica de València (UPV), where our 11 ESRs attended: Wai Yan, Mohammad Poordaraee, Alireza Bagheri, Amar Al Jzari, Othman Zahid, Samuel Romero, Danaisy Prado Alvarez, Chen Chen, Yixin Zhang, Chunxia Qin and Monika Drozdowska.

Very interesting training sessions about Communication Skills were given by Prof. Roberto Verdone, University of Bologna. Eight hours dedicated to soft skills, aptitude tests and communication abilities for the next generation industrial production.

Prof. Jose Francisco, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), offered his competences on 5G Channel modelling, as well as, practical sessions on simulation tools for 5G were given by David Martín-Sacristán, Eduardo Garro and Saúl Inca researchers from ITEAM Research Institute. The students also received outdoor practical session, by the ITEAM Research Institute researcher Sergi Pastor, about 5G Field test measurements with lab equipments.

Moreover, taking advantage of training school, some time was spended to visit the iTEAM antenna lab in UPV during a nice meeting with Prof Ferrando, UPV, and ESRs coordination meeting with Prof. Narcís Cardona, UPV, was scheduled.

The complete agenda can be seen here.