5G era is approaching and we now see some version of commercial 5G networks starting to go live at different parts of the world. The 5G communication technology will bring new experiences including higher bandwidth, higher data rate or greater capacity, security, and lower latency and will create new opportunities for society and businesses. 5G is going to make a significant change of how we live in this world.

Our consortium partner, Gapwaves AB, Sweden and University of Twente, Netherlands are going to deliver the courses in the European School of Antenna organized by European Association on Antennas and Propagation and Chalmers University Technology, Sweden that will be held on 20 – 24 May 2019. For more information about the course, please kindly access to the given link: https://www.chalmers.se/

Contents of the Course:

    1) Antenna-Channel Interaction such as OTA characterization of 5G antennas, RIMP and Random LOS environments and 3D massive MIMO models and Antenna optimization;
    2) 5G Array Antenna Technologies such as self-grounded Bowtie antenna array for sub-6GHz, capped Bowtie and magnetic-electric dipole antenna arrays;
    3) Gap waveguide Antennas for 5G mmW backhauling links with principles, modeling and numerical tools for Gap waveguide technology and slot array antennas;
    4) SIW technology for 5G Antenna Systems – hardware and Integration; 5) Millimeter wave antennas for 5G applications.

As an important part of the course we plan to organize 6 lectures with a focus on Industrial Perspectives for 5G Wireless Systems, given by experts from industry. The series lectures of industrial perspectives cover 5G communication systems, antenna challenges in users and handheld terminals for 5G, Challenges and requirements for radio access and backhauling links, challenges in automotive and V2X connectivity, Challenges in high speed railways and 5G System OTA Measurements.

For mor information, please download the Lecture Program.